Wild Garlic


Allium Ursinum

Health Benefits of Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is a fantastic springtime remedy for cleansing and detoxifying the whole body. It is also a very effective digestive stimulant. It helps to increase digestive capacity and nutrient absorption whilst also acting to restore and re-populate the gut with healthy bacteria. Wild garlic is also a tonic for alleviating the general symptoms of IBS. Like garlic bulbs, wild garlic leaves are an excellent heart tonic, helping to lower blood pressure, increasing circulation and lower bad LDL cholesterol levels.

Due to its natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, wild garlic can also help prevent spring time infections whilst is decongesting properties make it fantastic to alleviate the congestion and respiratory symptoms of hay fever and other spring and summer time allergies.

Wild garlic can be used;

• To help clean and detoxify the whole body
• As a digestive stimulant
• To increase the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat
• To help re-populate the gut with good bacteria
• To help manage IBS like symptoms
• To strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system
• To help manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• To optimise circulation
• To manage respiratory infections and to stimulate immunity
• As a decongestant when suffering from hay fever and other allergies


Due to its blood thinning properties, large volumes of wild garlic should not be consumed by those on blood thinning medication.

How to use Wild Garlic;

As a Salad vegetable

For Flavour

Wild garlic Hay fever and Allergy tonic

Wild garlic oil

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