The benefits of natural skin care products on the skin



People have been using cosmetics for eternity. It is only after the industrial revolution that the mass production of skincare products was made possible. The mass-produced synthetic skincare products are easily available in our markets. But some of these synthetic products use materials which are essentially chemicals. A skin reaction caused by the use of synthetic skin care products occasionally makes news. And with the spread of the information people are getting more conscious than ever about the quality of the products they are using.
With a lot of talk about organic food and organic farming, our skincare products are also getting natural in their ingredients day by day. Nowadays, more people prefer to use natural and organic skincare products. It is often touted that the benefits of natural skincare products outnumber those of synthetic products. It might be an exaggerated claim. But the fact is that even if the natural skincare products are slow in their action, they would not cause a reaction. In other words, they may or may not benefit you but they will cause no harm to your skin.


Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare products are made up of non-artificial, non-synthetic naturally occurring
substances that are sustainable, toxin-free, and non-infectious. The substances that make up natural skincare products are natural oils, plant and fruit extracts, and fruit acids. These extracts treat the skin naturally, heal it of the harmful effects produced by the toxins, remove dust and oil buildup from the pores, slow down the process of ageing and provide a natural glow to the skin ultimately leading to younger and vibrant-looking skin.
Our body is natural and so are these products. And nature complements nature. These natural products cure the skin without any side effects. Long term use of the chemical skincare products is said to be associated with some side effects. This might be occasional unwanted facial hair growth, small blisters all over the skin, acne, or skin irritation. But natural skincare products do not harm at all. It can even be applied to sensitive skin and would cause no side effects.

Benefits of using natural skincare products

Some of the benefits of using natural skincare products are described below in detail.

No Skin irritation

Organic skincare products cause no skin irritation. Natural materials are skin-friendly. Their use is infection-free. So, with natural skincare products, there would be no skin irritation. It so happens that when we apply chemical products, oftentimes they cause a reaction. This is because the chemicals used might react with the skin and cause rashes or blisters after all chemicals are chemicals. When a chemical does not suit our skin, a reaction occurs. But the organic products would not irritate because they tend not to react. The natural substances are free of chemicals hence non-reactive.

No Toxic Smells

For some people, fragrances can cause sneezes because they are allergic to some particular ones. Many people do not use certain skincare products because they cannot bear the smell of such products. Different smells are added to cover up that of the chemicals. You might not know but chemicals are smelly and fragrances are added to make these products desirable.
Natural skincare products have no unpleasant smells. Hence no extra fragrances are required to enhance their scent. They have some of the best and refreshing fragrances. Think of the scent of a lemon or an orange. A skin product made from these substances would naturally have a lemony or orange smell.

Blood free of chemicals

Human skin is just another living organ of the body. Everything that is applied over it tends to get absorbed into the blood. Some substances are absorbed more while others are absorbed less. But the fact is that they do get mixed with the bloodstream. A study proves that on average, 2 kg of chemicals can enter the bloodstream from the continuous application of synthetic skincare products. These chemicals are carcinogens and could cause cancers. Natural products have no chemicals at all. They are 100 per cent organic. If they ever get into the bloodstream they would improve the natural functioning of the body.

No ecological footprint

Organic skincare products have no ecological footprints. The chemicals used in synthetic
skincare products are dangerous, however. During the making of these synthetic products, the chemicals come into contact with the environment. Their fumes enter the atmosphere and their waste ends up in our water bodies. The chemical products we purchase and bring home are also not chemical-free and can pollute our indoor spaces. The application of these products on our skin is also harmful and contributes to the spread of toxins. The natural products, on the other hand, are bio-degradable. If ever they end up in the environment they would be decomposed by the bacteria.

Without Side Effects

The organic products are without side effects. They are natural and organic. They have no
hidden impacts on humans because they are free of chemicals. They do not cause reactions. They can be applied to any skin type. They do not result in an infection. People with skin conditions such as eczema can use all organic products.


Natural skincare products are free of toxins. They can be used by anyone. They come from
nature and nature is neither toxic nor infectious. The organic products have many benefits
which make them sustainable, eco-friendly and skin-friendly. On the other hand, chemical based products can be infectious and dangerous to use. They can cause irritation, dryness and other diseases. The benefits of natural products are numerous. They are the best alternative to the chemical based synthetic skincare products. They come from natural sources and could cause no harm.

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