Seabuckthorn Face and Body Moisturiser


Seabuckthorn Face and Body Moisturiser

Stage 1 (Above 75℃)

14%Macadamia nut oil

12%Camelina oil

3%Pomegranate seed oil

4%BTMS E Wax

2%Shae butter

Stage 2 (above 75℃)

42%Boiling spring water

Stage 3 ( Below 40℃)

9%hydrosol/ example Lavender

5%Vitamin B

5%Vitamin C

3%Vitamin E

3%Rosehip oil

0.5%Sea Buckthorn oil


0.5% Sweet Orange EO


Weigh out Stage 1 ingredients in a heat-sensitive bowl and place in over boiling water in a Baine Marie to temperatures above 75°C. Weight out stage 2 in a large bowl and swap over the bowls so that the ingredient in stage 2 is being heated and gently pour stage 1 ingredients into the stage 2 bowl and stir gently for 5 mins ensuring the temperature stays over 75 degrees.

After about 5mins transfer the bowl to a pan of cold water for shock cooling whilst stirring continuously.

Weigh out the Vitamin B and C and dissolve in the lavender water. Weigh out the rest of the stage 3 ingredients.

When the temperature is below 40 degrees, add the stage 3 ingredients into the emulsion, homogenise thoroughly, jar and label.


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