Alkaline vs Distilled Water


Water is a liquid without which there is no human survival. We drink many glasses of water in a day and gallons and gallons of it in a month and a year. We think of water as an ordinary liquid and we drink water only to quench our thirst. But what if we are failing to harness the full potential of this amazing liquid? What if we have been drinking the wrong type of water over the years?

We all know that water is an inevitability. Our survival would be compromised without it. But drinking the right type would always provide us with the necessary health benefits. It would always be a part of our diet and additionally, we would be making medicinal use of a life-supporting liquid. Think of water as a tonic, like a liquid which not only quenches your thirst but would also give a boost to your immune system by detoxing and cleansing your body and providing it with the much necessary minerals and

We all have heard about the distilled water and prefer it over tap water. But most of us are not aware of the fact that long time use of distilled water is unhealthy and unsafe. It would leach essential minerals out of your body. Contrary to this there is another product, the alkaline water, the lifetime use of which is healthy.

Difference between distilled water and alkaline water

Distilled water is obtained by boiling the tap water and then subsequently condensing the vapors.
Distilled water removes impurities from water such as toxic and heavy metals and other soluble impurities. But distillation has a disadvantage as well, as it removes essential minerals too. The total number of dissolved salts in distilled water is zero. This isn’t good as mineralized water is a healthier option for drinking.
Distilled water is a good choice if you want short term detoxification of your body. Distilled water is free of minerals, heavy metals and other contaminants which can cause water-borne diseases. Consuming distilled water would cleanse the body of the mineral ion buildup. But its prolonged use is not without health risks. Demineralized water leaches sodium, potassium and calcium ions out of the body and may cause a severe deficiency of minerals. Deficiency of minerals is linked with many a disease as well as a general compromise on the immunity of our body as it needs essential minerals to fight diseases.
Alkaline water, on the other hand, is purified to remove all the toxic, metal and other soluble impurities.
It has a higher pH value. It is further enriched with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Intake of mineralized water can overcome deficiencies of essential minerals in the body. Hence, alkaline water should be preferred over distilled water.

           Benefits of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline Water contains Anti-Oxidants

Free radicals are the substances which are harmful to our body. Free radicals can be produced because of several physical and chemical processes. Exposure to sunlight, exposure to radiation and exposure to cigarette smoke produces free radicals in our body. Other than that, the process of digestion also produces free radicals. Free radicals damage our cells by ionizing them. A buildup of free radicals in the body can lead to cancer, heart, and other diseases.
Those substances which contain anti-oxidants neutralize these free radicals and cleanse the body of these carcinogens. And alkaline water is abundant in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants in alkaline water neutralize free radicals every time we drink water. By getting the body free of ionizing radicals, alkaline water gives a boost to the human immune system.

Alkaline Water gives a Cardio Boost

Alkaline water provides a better level of hydration. Because of its makeup, cells in the body can work better in an alkaline and mineral-rich environment. Even during the intense physical exercises, alkaline water keeps the body hydrated. Alkaline water increases the cardiorespiratory capacity of the body and provides the body with extra energy. The minerals in alkaline water are essential for the smooth functioning of many enzymes and digestive juices. These minerals improve the overall functioning of the body and you feel that you have been injected with shots of energy.

Alkaline Water soothes Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a very nauseating disease. It is related to one’s sedentary lifestyle. Eating a lot of acidic foods increases the level of acidity in your stomach. Lack of an active routine intensifies the acidity as the body is unable to digest the food. Acid reflux makes you feel a burning sensation in your food pipe.
You develop a sore throat that would not go away. In intense reflux conditions, the peace of night sleep is lost because the undigested food exerts a back pressure in your food pipe and you might even feel a heartache which is known as heartburn.
A common cure of acid reflux and heartburn is to consume some alkaline stuff that would neutralize that acid buildup in your stomach. Alkaline water is just your solution. Its pH is higher than 7 which makes it moderately basic. Consumption of alkaline water in acid reflux condition would give you instant relief.

Alkaline Water naturally cures and prevents diseases

Famous herbalist Dr. Sebi believed in naturally curing and preventing diseases from the body by his Mineral Balance Theory. The theory of Dr. Sebi says that any disease is a result of the mucous buildup in the body. A mucous buildup in the lungs would cause pneumonia while a buildup in the pancreas would cause diabetes. He believed that the buildup can be neutralized by providing the body with an alkaline environment. And what better option would there be to provide an alkaline environment to your body than consuming alkaline water. Alkaline water would arrest the mucous growth, would naturally cure the body and effectively boost the immune system.


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